Author reacts as Lagos govt’s approves ‘Black White’ for state schools

Author reacts as Lagos govt’s approves ‘Black White’ for state schools

By AmforGod J. Olisa

The Lagos State Government has officially approved the inclusion of “Black White” in the state secondary school curriculum. Written by architect and real estate professional Ifelanwa Osundolire, the book narrates the journey of a young man from Ondo, Nigeria, to the United Kingdom in pursuit of higher education and better opportunities.

“Black White” offers readers a vivid exploration of cultural conflict and personal discovery as the protagonist navigates the complexities of transitioning between two vastly different worlds. The book highlights the challenges faced by a Nigerian immigrant in a foreign country and the harsh realities of relocation.

Author Ifelanwa Osundolire shared that it took him seven years to develop the book from its initial concept to its final form. “It took me seven years to transform ‘Black White’ from a scrapbook into the memoir it is today. From conception to completion, it is a testament to the inherent value of living an eventful life and telling one’s story for posterity,” he stated.

Expressing his gratitude to the Lagos State Government for its approval, Ifelanwa hopes the book will inspire students, particularly those who are gifted and from less privileged backgrounds, to achieve goals beyond their current circumstances. “I am delighted that ‘Black White’ has been approved to be read in Lagos State secondary schools. I hope this book, which documents my first-hand experience studying and excelling in the UK, serves as an inspiration to students, especially those who aspire for goals beyond their present circumstances,” he added.

The book, which focuses on the disparities experienced by a young man as he moves between different environments, delves into the evolution of his identity shaped by socio-cultural influences. “Black White” is the third installment in Ifelanwa’s published works, following “On A Lot of Things” and “Inside This Big Head.”

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