Career Counseling and its Exigency in Secondary Education in Nigeria

As the world changes, we are constantly faced with so much information and we are expected to accept, assimilate, and digest this information. Most times we are overwhelmed and confused by this information, we don’t know which to choose or to discard, and with the constant pressure on young people to represent and wanting to outdo each other, we find ourselves focusing on irrelevant things.

If we as adults feel overwhelmed when presented with such issues, imagine what the younger generation is facing trying to make career choices. At that career decision making stages, these youngling are struggling to make choices considering the many and lots of options presented to them, with lots of them not approaching it in the best way possible. At this stage, when these kids are overwhelmed and confused, is where Career Counselling and counselors come in.

Career Counselling is the process that helps one know and understand yourself, and the world of work to make career, educational, and life decisions. Career development and guidance is more than just deciding on a major and/or the kind of job you want to do when you graduate. It involves guiding and providing expert advice to young career professionals as they journey through several stages of life, especially at the early stage.

In developed countries and even in some modern schools in Nigeria, through the news and movies we see, Schools (schools both private and government-owned schools), organize and hold career counseling fairs and seminars for their student.

These career counseling fairs are aimed at counseling and coaching students on choosing the right career path based on their strengths and weaknesses, passion and drives, their visions and aspirations in life, or even a sense of direction. Having this counseling would help guide these students in learning about themselves which will help them build a solid career foundation for better prospects.

These seminars also aim at generally setting them up on the right career path, or the best institution to apply for. It also helps the student to build and develop confidence in their abilities, dreams, and ambitions and be confident enough to pursue them without fear or doubt.

Having this counseling and career guide would help guide these students in learning about themselves which will help you build a solid career foundation for better prospects.

Moreso, career counseling and development will help students identify and define their brand, provide self-development guidance, job search, and offer application support.

As an educator, a caregiver, a school proprietor, or anyone who impacts knowledge, counseling this young one is an opportunity to capture their mind and build them into a better human ready to take on the world and give their best. Career counselors and counseling are invaluable sources of support that can give access to feedback systems for the proper growth of an institution and the development of individuals at large.

He who educates a child educates a nation.

Education is all-encompassing and we can do more with it, for the future belongs to those who are confident enough and believes in the beauty of their dream.

let us help these young ones to see and believe in the beauty of their dreams


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