The former president of National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) lagos branch,  Dr. Wasiu Olaitan Adumadeyin has urged the government and society to intervene in order to improve the falling standard of education in Nigeria.

Adumadeyin, in an exclusive interview with EDUCARE NEWS, hinted that the government and society have a vital role to play, if the falling standard of education in the country is to be restored.

In his words, the astute educationist said, “unfortunately the standard has dropped from what we have in the past, the yardstick in which we can use to measure or determine this is basically looking at the then standard 5 or primary 6, the ability and quality of the holder of the same certificate now, if you put it side by side you will know that what we have now is lower standard of education from what it used to be.”

The former NAPPS boss, who has contributed to the advancement and development of Nigeria education, also attributed the dwindling standard of education as a result of various challenges over the years.

“The challenges are numerous, we can start from the government, they are not giving the attention and the required financial backing that can upgrade education.

The budgetary allocation to education has been in the region of less than 10 per cent, while UNESCO recommended 26 per cent, you can see the wide gap, in terms of finance, and we can say that the government have not invested sufficiently on education.

Also, society value has change, in the past, society value quality education, in those days a child has great ability, when a child speaks good English, you are very proud as a parent, but today, the value has dropped, people are now more interested in money than education and it quality.’

The passionate educationist, added that the crave for money, and the urge for students to just acquire certificate has affected our education system.

“People are more interested in the certificate, that is why today you see students aided by their parents and teachers use all means to get the certificate, this is where we are talking about exam malpractices, these are some of the factors contributing in the lowering standard of education in Nigeria.”

Adumadeyin, as NAPPS president, piloted the affairs of the association for two years, during his tenure, a N40 million secretariat was built, the first since the association was formed.


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