Premiere Academy: The Ivory Tower of Academic Excellence in Nigeria

Premiere Academy Produces the Best Student in WAEC

Education is the passport to the future and the only way one can predict their future is to create it. The quality of education one gets goes a long way to shape a person’s future ambitions when it comes to personal development and reaching for one’s goals.

Plateau State Governor, Mr. Simon Bako Lalong and Miss Sylvia.

However, the Nigerian education sector is laden with so many uncertainties and policies that are not geared towards the growth of education and society at large. The citizens of the country are left with so much doubt as to which direction the education system in Nigeria is heading.

With the growing popularity of exam centers and examination malpractice, one is left with so much doubt concerning the quality of education students receive from their various school s and institutions, and the quality of results when it comes to external examinations and competitions.

Premiere Academy Students

No doubt some schools are still making waves when it comes to impacting value, quality education and are bent on enhancing student’s personal development.

EDUCARE NEWS, in our quest to find these schools that pride themselves as not just a good school but a school that is grounded in excellence and qualitative education, a school whose mission is to drive impact and value in the lives of its students.

Our search led us to a brilliant 17-year-old young lady who did excellently well in the just-released 2019/2020 West African Examination Certification (WAEC) result, an examination which was delayed by the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.

The outstanding, intelligent Miss Sylvia Ulan Andrew had a parallel A1 in all 9 subjects, a feat which earned her a scholarship from Plateau State Governor, Mr. Simon Bako Lalong, to any university of her choice both within and outside Nigeria, to study petrochemical engineering.

A deeper dive into Miss Sylvia’s academic background pointed us towards her school.  PREMIERE ACADEMY located in the Capital City, Abuja.

Premiere Academy Students

Premiere Academy prides itself as a school that places its students as future leaders, are guided and shaped by the standards of critical thinking, high achievement, ethical principles, and discipline. To develop children into leaders through providing a rigorous educational program that combines academic achievement with personal development, thereby creating well-adjusted, socially aware, and responsible children who will go on to become ‘The Pride of the Nation”.

Premiere Academy was founded on the 15th of October 2005 located at Lugbe, Abuja has distinguished itself as a notable, top-rated, co-educational, and technology-driven boarding school in Nigeria. The notable school strives to instill in its students, core values such as effective communication, a world-class citizen, an independent learner, a critical thinker, an ethical individual.

These values solidify their beliefs that Education is a life-long journey of discovery, understanding, and enlightenment.  We believe that every child is precious in this world and is capable of learning new concepts, ideas, and skills.  We aim to educate the whole child, fully developing his or her intellectual, emotional, social, spiritual, and physical well-being.  Success is measured by each child’s ability to develop to his/her fullest potential as a human being, filled with knowledge, intellect, dignity, respect, self-confidence, love, and compassion.

Throughout its 15 years of excellent existence, Premiere Academy has garnered a track record of academic success and achievement which have considerably set them up as the best in their field, these successes and achievements include:

  • Consistently recording over 70% distinction grades across all the subjects in WAEC examinations for the past five years.
  • Being ranked 15th position among all colleges in Nigeria, and 2nd position in the FCT.
  • Over 25% of our students receive scholarships every year into foreign Universities in the U.S, Canada, German, France, and Australia.
  • Our alumni are excelling academically in different universities across the globe at a great scale, to the extent that various Universities are now seeking partnerships with us in student referral for university admission.
  • Incumbent champions at NISSMUN (Nigeria Secondary Schools Model for United Nations), We have maintained our unbeaten record for the past four years.
  • Emerging as the third best school in NECO examinations in 2014, with our student ranking third in SSCE NECO Examinations; also emerged first in Chemistry and second in physics at Olympiad of Mathematics & Sciences at the national level.

Suffice to say that premiere Academy is bringing light and leadership in the education sector, setting a pace that will take other schools decades to match up, Training and raising kids who would never be afraid to pursue their dreams and ambitions, ultimately, fulfilling the joy of every parent that desire to give their kids a better and quality education in a comfortable and reliable environment thereby getting value for their money.

Kindly visit for more interesting facts about Premiere Academy, Lugbe, Abuja.

Adaeze Onuorah

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