The Government Of Senegal Reopen Schools Despite Still Battling Covid-19

The Government of Senegal has reopen schools as the country battle COVID-19. The students are expected to wear face masks and observe social distancing measures.

The reopening involves all 500,000 students out of the 3.5million students instructed to stay at home by the government. The schools have intensified their effort to ensure the safety of the children by checking their temperatures before entry and a compulsory hand washing practice.

A final year student Baba Bando N’diaye speaks on the situation.

“We are not too worried at all…….you know we stayed at home for nearly four months, so this time, it is for more revision on what we have already been taught, and we are very happy that we are back in school.”

Boubacar Diallo, a french teacher also lend his voice on how the academic system can be revitalized.

“The few months to go , we are going to focuse on revising the topics we have taught them, we will also engage them in several exercises. So I believe in no time they will be ready for the examination.”

Senegal has registered over 6,000 cases of COVID-19 would die before death, with cases continue to increase, it is reported that president Macky Sall has been quarantine since Wednesday as he came in contact with an infected person, although he tested negative for COVID-19.


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