The Search For the Best Private Secondary Schools in Lagos and Nigeria at Large

The dream of every parent is to make sure their child gets the possible best of their education. Almost all parents want the best school with good teachers for their children. There are so many secondary schools in the city of Lagos, Nigeria.

Some has beautiful structures but parade unqualified teachers and administrator with high school fees while many has not too good structures but also parade mostly unqualified teachers with Diploma certificate and some (jamb bites) in all, nonetheless we still have schools with good structures and first- class teachers but with high school fees above what an average parent in Nigeria can afford.

However, the everyday question is how do we identify the best secondary school in Lagos in the midst of so plenty? Before we get to that, a really important question to answer is, why is the secondary school stage so crucial to a child’s development?

Well, the secondary school is one of the first places where the child learns to properly build their social skills and develop their mental capacity. Children also attain the stage of puberty while in secondary school so their transition from childhood to adulthood almost always begins while they are in secondary school.

Apart from the guidance and influence that parents can, of course, give in this period to their young ones, the external influence such as the caliber of teachers or councilors can also play a major part in guiding the child and laying a solid foundation in their transition to adulthood.

Therefore, EDUCARE NEWS is in a quest to identify the best secondary school in Lagos and in Nigeria at large, our news crew is ready 24 hours to interact with the school owners follow up with a visit to their various schools. Just a call or an email we will be there for you as our numerous readers and parents are eager to hear from us.

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