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UNILAG VC assures NANS of reinstatement of banned SUG

UNILAG VC assures NANS of reinstatement of banned SUG

By AmforGod J. Olisa

The Vice Chancellor of the University of Lagos, Professor Folasade Ogunsola, has assured the National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS) and other stakeholders about the reinstatement of the banned Students Union Government (SUG) at the institution.

This assurance was given during a recent visit to the UNILAG management following the expiration of the 14-day ultimatum issued by the student body. Ogunsola emphasized to student leaders that steps are being taken to reinstate the SUG, acknowledging the importance of student governance in fostering a vibrant academic environment and ensuring student welfare. She reiterated the university’s commitment to resolving outstanding issues and creating an enabling environment for the SUG to operate effectively.

Ogunsola highlighted that the reinstatement of the SUG is a collaborative effort that requires the involvement and support of all stakeholders.

“The SUG will not only be reinstated but will also thrive and fulfill its mandate effectively,” she affirmed. “A functional and responsible Students’ Union is essential for promoting student welfare, enhancing campus life, and facilitating constructive engagement between students and the university administration. Therefore, the university management is committed to resolving any outstanding issues and creating an enabling environment for the SUG to operate effectively,” she concluded.

In his remarks, the Senate Clerk of NANS, Oladiimeji Uthman, commended the Vice Chancellor’s commitment to reinstating the SUG. He noted that the suspension of the SUG had left a vacuum in student representation, causing apprehension and dissatisfaction among students who felt their voices were not adequately heard. Uthman described Ogunsola’s dedication to reinstating the SUG as a testament to her commitment to student welfare and campus democracy.

He added that a critical component identified from the meeting is the institution’s management strategy to foster a strong relationship with NANS.

“Professor Ogunsola has initiated a series of consultations and dialogues with key stakeholders, including student representatives, university staff, and the university Governing Council. These discussions aim to address the root causes of the suspension and establish a framework to prevent future disruptions.

“Her vision for the university includes a robust and functional SUG that serves as a bridge between students and the administration, ensuring that student issues are addressed promptly and effectively.

“The Vice Chancellor’s approach has been one of partnership and mutual respect because she recognizes the valuable role that NANS plays in the broader context of Nigerian education,” he concluded.

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