About EduCare News


EDUCARE NEWS is one of the most Outstanding, Authoritative and Informative guide to what is happening in the world of Education in Nigeria. We will be bridging the gap between the masses and the Educational sector in Nigeria, Africa and the world at large.

EDUCARE NEWS will spark debate, progressive ideas and provocative topics and get the nation and the world talking.

EDUCARE NEWS sets the agenda and explores ideas, providing a road map for the future of our Educational sector.

EDUCARE NEWS understands and will provide solution for better and quality educational policies.

EDUCARE NEWS brings in-depth analysis on the happenings around Nigeria, the Educational sector and its activities, creating a platform for Nigerian students to express their views in the happenings around them.


Our vision is to be the leading herald of education in Nigeria and among the best in the world


Our mission is to critically analyze and bring to the front burners issues and realities on the happening around the Nigeria education sector and educational institutions (both private and public schools). As such create a better avenue for students, public analyst and general public to air their views on happening around the sector.


Our dream is to build a great nation with great minds, a dream of standard and conducive learning environment, a dream of sound and quality education with the student’s welfare as a priority.

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