NERCA is a dynamic educational system overhaul platform that brings together strategic stakeholders from public and private institutions together for a holistic assessment of the Nigerian education sector for the identification of limiting factors to the expected performances of the sector and the generation of the corresponding solution.

NERCA focuses on the need for raising catalyst for educational reform, for it is possible to have caring education or a meaningful democracy in a culture that is fundamentally competitive, materialistic and technocratic. What type of learning environment is good for the average Nigeria child? Choosing to educate your child outside the institution of schooling is an important decision, today, with many educational choices available to families, a complicated one; there are significant differences among the diverse teaching and learning approaches.
There is a strong connection between the business world and the modern institutions of schooling, historians of education have explained how schools as we know them were profoundly shaped by the influence of business leaders and by educators who adopted theories and techniques from the economic realm of the society.

NERCA will bring together all the eminent Nigerians from different sectors and educators from the academic parlance to brainstorm on the need for a better education for the average Nigerian child, raising catalyst for education revolution and recognizing Nigerian education TOUCH BEARERS, appreciating institutions that have contributed their quota in upholding the education sector.

The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defined Learning as “the activities or process of gaining knowledge of skill by studying, practicing, being taught, or experiencing something; the activities of someone who learns knowledge or skill gain from learning. Therefore we will be making education more fun by creating a lovely, fun and good atmosphere of learning, to enable our youths learn with fun by introducing some activities that will annually bring all Nigerian students together from different part of Nigeria, we will inspire excitement in our students, to motivate and encourage them in their daily activities, to be mindful, and to develop self confidence.



This award is established to serve and help revolutionize and grow the Nigeria Educational sector, it is recognizing the contribution of the outstanding individuals, institutions and cooperate organization that has contributed immensely on the improvement of Nigeria educational sector. The award is aimed at promoting the image of Nigeria Educational sector.

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