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UNN Students Talk About Their Worst UNN Experiences

Life in the den (PS: “The den” is the second cooler name of the UNN campus) comes with mixed experiences. One day you are at a party having the time of your life and then the next you are looking at an F on a course you spent nights studying and asking God “how?”. We asked 7 UNN graduates about their worst UNN experiences and here’s what they told us:

Ivy, Graduated, 2018: My graduation was delayed because my department misplaced my results.
When I was about to graduate my department said they were looking for 3 of my courses. With a lot of difficulty and plenty of insults, I was able to get one of the results. But one of the lecturers said he (he was the exam officer) will only release it when he feels like. And mind you there was limited time before merit list would be out. In the end and after so much crying and begging he still did not release it. He checked the results o and he saw I didn’t fail it. But he just said he didn’t feel like releasing it.
I had to involved the HOD (God bless that reverend sister’s soul) and she fought for it. Let me not even get into what went down with the third course.

Kelechi, Graduated 2019: I got robbed in my lodge.
I still have some leftover PTSD from this event. My roommate and I got robbed in our room off-campus. It was during my final year days when I had just relocated to the most popular off-campus also known as “hilltop” reputable for bad boys/girls, cultists and etc. I had been warned but I let my caution down one night when my roommate and I fell asleep while our balcony door was somewhat wide open. By approximately 3:20 am, with extremely bright lights on our faces and fear in our tongues, we were robbed of our beloved phones. The next morning, we realized we weren’t the only ones. The robber had also robbed almost everyone in one series of the lodge. It taught me a number of lessons, especially that, the Den actually had a lot of hungry lions – literally.

David, Graduated 2017: My phone got stolen during an exam.
During exams we are asked to drop our bags outside the hall. I left my wallet and newly acquired Iphone in there. When I came back to get my bag i noticed my phone was just gone. I almost ran mad.

Onyinye, Graduated 2018: The exam invigilator tore my script.
I was combining two courses and that in itself was already hell. Having to write three different papers on the same day, thereby having to spend half hours for two exams just because lecturers refused to shift exams for each other like they’re having some sort of interdepartmental beef. Also when I got my script torn in the exam hall. I just hate failing

Sandra, Graduated 2017: My final clearance was a nightmare.
Courtesy of the tedious bureaucratic process the university so diligently upholds. My final clearance week was a total nightmare. I spent most of it trekking from office to office under the hot sun and in most offices I met snail speed queues. Plus all the fees I suddenly had to pay. I’m so glad that phase is long over. I can say my final clearance definitely topped the list of my was my worst UNN experiences.

Henry, Graduated 2016: I failed the same course twice.
In my defense I didn’t fail the course the first time. My result got misplaced and I had to rewrite the course. Since I didn’t really fail it the first time, I figured I would see the questions and remember the answers the I gave the first time. Spoiler- It ended in tears.

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