Anambra State Government Embraces Teaching on Air

The Anambra state government have decided to utilize the state radio broadcast stations as a medium for of teaching primary and secondary school pupil in the state.

The initiative became necessary as a result of the coronavirus pandemic ravaging the country which have led to the closure of schools in the state.

While students and pupils are at home as a result of the closure of schools, the government aimed at using this initiative to make students and pupils to be busy with academic work.

The state Ministry of Education in collaboration with Anambra Broadcasting Service will be teaching primary and secondary school students through radio broadcast which will help breach the gap for normal classroom teachings.

The programme tag Anambra Teaching on air is expected to start today April 1st 2020 on the state’s broadcast stations ABS radio.

The programme will run from Mondays to Fridays and is to be aired on ABS 88.5fm Awka and ABS 90.7fm Onitsha.

The first episode is expected to be live on air today by eleven o’ clock to twelve noon.

The Ekiti State Government had earlier announced and started the initiative of teaching it students and pupils on air.

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