Education Ministry Disowns Press Releases on Presumption of Schools 

The Federal Ministry of Education has disowned a press release circulating on multiple social media platforms, insinuating that schools will reopen in November 2020, describing the release as the handiwork of an illiterate, who, going by the content of his release also appears to be mental.

The ministry is asking parents, students, and the general public to disregard the release in its entirety, adding that there is no iota of truth about the release. Efforts are on to track the author, and if found to be a normal human being, he or she will be prosecuted. For now, everything about the release points to a mental lunatic.

The ministry will no longer take such information for granted, especially when it posses the capacity to mislead a large number of Innocent Nigerians.

The said release is quoting the Permanent Secretary as giving an interview to Primum Times while at the same time, the minister is the one signing the press statement.

Is the Hon minister the spokesman of the permanent secretary? Everything here points to insanity. Beyond the realm of insanity is the height of illiteracy.

We could have ignored the release but for the massive calls from our education correspondents, parents, and other stakeholders expressing concerns.

Ben Bem Goong
Director, Press and Public Relations

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