The duo of Emmanuela Ilok and Khalid Seriki of Greenspring School have emerged winners of this year’s KPMG debate.

A statement released on Thursday revealed that the students had scaled through the essay stage of the competition before going on to participate in a competitive  debate sessions on the topic titled, ‘Which is better, onsite or online learning?’

The two students narrated their experience during the final of the competition.

“The debate was in two rounds, and the first round was easier, as we just selected whether we are in favour or against the motion of the debate. In the second round, we were asked to speak both in favour and against the motion of the debate. Also in the process, we had to cross-examine participants from other schools, and we were also cross-examined.”

“With the unexpected dynamics introduced during the second round of the debate, we can say that our victory can be credited to being persistent and striving for accuracy, which are parts of the ‘Habits of Mind.’  We are also grateful to all our English teachers, who helped in developing our debating and public speaking skills,” the students said in the statement.


In the same vein, the school principal, Mrs Magdalene Okrikri, said she was impressed by the students’ performance at each stage of the competition.

“I congratulate my students for working as a team and performing excellently at each stage of the competition. I am highly impressed with their strong communication skill, confidence, and their ability to persist all through the debate sessions. It was a tough competition, and I am proud of their excellent performance.”

Recall that in a similar debate competition, Jesicca Obellle of holy child college, lagos emerged winner in the TVC Communications First female debate championship held in lagos.

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