NECO Engages with UK and Nigerian Universities for International Student Admissions

NECO Engages with UK and Nigerian Universities for International Student Admissions

By AmforGod J. Olisa

The University of Birmingham and Lead City University have commenced discussions with the National Examinations Council (NECO) regarding the potential use of NECO examination results for admitting international students from Nigeria. This development was disclosed by NECO Registrar, Professor Ibrahim Wushishi, during an interactive session with education correspondents in Abuja.

Professor Wushishi revealed that both universities approached NECO to evaluate the credibility of its examinations for their admissions processes. He noted that NECO has already fulfilled the requirements set by Birmingham City University, while the evaluation process with Lead City University is still ongoing.

In addition to these discussions, Professor Wushishi highlighted NECO’s ongoing efforts towards digitalization and the possible transition to Computer-Based Testing (CBT). He acknowledged the complexity of this shift due to the vast number of students and the variety of subjects and papers involved. Each year, nearly 1.5 million students take NECO exams in 76 different subjects, encompassing over 150 papers for tertiary institution admissions.

“For NECO, migrating to CBT is a critical issue due to the large number of examinations we conduct,” said Wushishi. “Unlike JAMB, which primarily handles multiple-choice formats, NECO’s exams, particularly the SSCE internal exams, include diverse subject areas and essay formats, making the transition to CBT more complex.”

He emphasized the need for a gradual approach to this transition, suggesting that NECO could start with exams like the common entrance examination, which is primarily multiple-choice-based. This phased approach would allow NECO to address the unique challenges posed by the diverse nature of its exams.

Regarding examination malpractices in the upcoming SSCE internal examinations, Professor Wushishi assured that robust mechanisms have been put in place to prevent any breaches. “We are enhancing our sensitization and awareness programs and improving data protection to safeguard our candidates’ information. We are implementing sophisticated methods to detect and prevent malpractice, ensuring the integrity of our examinations,” he stated.

He expressed confidence that with these measures, NECO is well-prepared to conduct fair and secure exams in June, with no fears of malpractices.

These initiatives reflect NECO’s commitment to maintaining the integrity of its examinations while exploring new opportunities for its results to be recognized internationally.

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