Agina Amaka: Achieving Goals With Vobiscum School.

The drive to have an ambition in life gives you focus and determination, it gives you a great purpose to get out of bed every day and go after your goals with vigor and positivity.

The importance of having ambition in our life cannot be overemphasized, it gives you something to aim for, no wonder Napoleon Bonaparte says, “Great Ambition is the Passion of a Great Character.

EDUCARE NEWS Crew found a woman with great character, passion, and great ambition in the person of Mrs. Agina Amaka, the founder of VOBISCUM Nursery and Primary School, Amuwo Odofin, Lagos.

The amiable Agina is a woman of substance, a professional teacher with over 25 years experience, who started her teaching career after her SSCE, and then got a degree in NCE and BSC in Economics Mathematics and Economics Education, while also engaging in several Jolly Phonics, Montessori training as well as autism.

Mrs. Agina Amaka, Proprietor of Vobiscum School, Satellite Town, Lagos

The hardworking school proprietress achieved one of her greatest life ambition when she established VOBISCUM Schools in tandem with the 21st-century education curriculum, especially in the area of spelling and reading, with great emphasis on Jolly phonics. Training learners to demonstrate the knowledge values and skills required for a productive Global Citizen.

Despite COVID-19 Pandemic, and the seemingly decay in the educational sector, Mrs. Agina called on the government to reduce the burden by granting accessible low-interest loans to private school owners so they can acquire the necessary equipment needed for the successful operation of schools.

She, however, berates parents who have made it difficult for them to do their job; she complained that they expect their child or wards of two years old to write and read immediately.

“They don’t want to allow their children to learn at their own pace, we always try to carry parents along, letting them know the milestone they should expect from their children.”

The energetic educationist however expects VOBISCUM SCHOOLS to rank amongst the best when it comes to information technology in Nigeria.

“In the next ten years I expect my school to be at the same pedestal with the top schools that learn with top technologies, I already introduced the use of modern technologies for learning like the interactive board, iPad, etc.

We will be recognized as a school that trains seasoned individuals that can compete both nationally and internationally, not just in formal education, but also in entrepreneurial skills, craft, and arts. I personally believe children should be introduced to practical learning early in life, which we as a Montessori school inculcate into our training and learning.”

Vobiscum Kids

Since VOBISSCUM SCHOOLS was established over a decade ago, the school has made a giant stride in external exams and competition, even in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic, pupils from the school excel in exams conducted by federal government colleges like the Navy schools, Command secondary schools, etc, while one of its students successfully passed the Maris Brothers exams in Anambra State.

Mrs. Agina is proud of her students’ performance in competitions they have participated in so far while assuring that the best is yet to come as they continue to aim at the top

“In terms of competition, our students have also done exceptionally well. In 2019 we won an N100, 000 cash prize for a competition and there are several others. We are also in collaboration with star tissue company and the Chinese troupe; they come to exhibit their culture, dance, arts, and craft as well. Recently we came first in a competition and our pupils were awarded.”

As parents continue to clamor for the establishment of VOBISCUM secondary school, the new ambition in front of this dogged elegant school educationist is to establish a secondary school that will complement the success story of the already established Vobiscum primary schools.

old school days at Vobiscum school

“Well, lots of parents are clamoring for a secondary school; saying that with the kind of education we give our kids, we need a secondary school.  I am pleased to announce that the plan for secondary school is in the pipeline. The school already acquired plots of land and we are ready to set up; a very unique school.”

The seasoned educationist has a parting word for students and parents.

“My advice to any parents allows their child to learn at their own pace, stop forcing kids to jump classes or pushing too hard because all these have negative effects on the children. Allow them to learn within their developmental milestone.

My advice to students is to take studies very seriously and also practice what they learn, while on holidays, pick up relevant skills like sewing, arts, and craft, computer programming and coding, as well entrepreneurial skills.”

Vobiscum schools have been in operation for over a decade, parading highly qualified teachers, and raising grooming children that would impact society positively.

The ambition and dream of Mrs. Agina Amaka to bring to fruition the establishment of VOBISCUM secondary school cannot be put beyond her, as this tenacious woman strives to leave a long-lasting mark in Nigeria’s educational system.

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