Caleb University Leads, as Private Universities commences Sales of 2020/2021 Admission Form

Afebabalola, Covenant, Legacy University others joins

The COVID-19 pandemic which has ravage all spheres of global economy, threatening human existence, bringing human activities to a standstill, It is even more critical, with mortality rate rising by the day, and with imminent cure or vaccine for the virus not yet in sight, the populace are in quandary on how to carefully adhere strictly to preventive measures to avoid being infected by the virus.

With the federal government closure of schools across the country, as part of measures to contain and curtail the virus, It became imperative for institutions of higher learning to devise strategies that will help the academic calendar to keep running without disruption.

It is on this premise, that Caleb University is taking the lead by rolling out their forms for sale despite some students not sitting for their West African Examination Council (WAEC) and National Examination Council (NECO).

However, the Principal Executive officer, Marketing, of Caleb University, Mrs Fumilayo Aroyewun, assures that the institution has put in strategies and measures to ensure a seamless academic calendar even with the current realities of the COVID-19 pandemic, while also insisting that the institution will be doing this by adhering strictly to government rules and regulations as it concerns the coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with EDUCARENEWS, Mrs fumilayo said” we had an online management meeting, and the Vice Chancellor said we can start selling forms, but then, we need to let the candidates know that the admission will be issued when their WAEC result is released, but students will be issued a tentative admission letter base on their JAMB, If peradventure, WAEC comes out and they did not make all their papers including Mathematics and English, the they have to pass through JUPEB”.

“you know JUPEB is as good as 100 level, JUPEB is like a foundation programme or diploma in other university, it runs for one year, during the period they can re-take their papers and be in 200 level the following year”

The principal Executive officer also emphasize that the students are well informed in advance before they acquire the forms” we tell them right from the outset that it is sure admission will be given, but, only when they make their WAEC result, if they don’t make it, then they will be taken to JUPEB class, and they will do that for a year, after which they will write JUPEB exams and come to 200 level, they have nothing to lose.”

Also, other private universities are following the same route, notably amongst the universities are; Afebabalola, Covenant and Legacy University.

In a related development, Caleb University are already embracing e-learning as an alternative of re-starting their academic calendar, Mrs Fumilayo explained further on this “our second semester commenced last week Monday, 27 of April 2020, and lectures has resume fully online, so they are ask to pay their fees to get access to join, and if the pandemic continues till June when the semester ends, it is likely their assignment and examinations will be done on Zoom so that the lecturers can monitor them to avoid cheating during exams, it is going be a multi choice exams just like the JAMB system with CBT where it is automated timing.”

The Principal Executive concluded by extolling the virtues of Caleb University “in Architecture we are known all over the world as one of the best, NUC confirmed it, you can google it, and in the national exams Caleb University came out as one of the best”

“So we have our unique selling point in the areas of Architecture, Mass- communication, and Accounting. In our accounting programme, as you are graduating, you are chattered; we run it alongside with ICAN.”

Caleb University is one f the foremost private university in lagos which started operation in 2007, they offer courses in social sciences and environmental sciences, pure and applied sciences, and social management.

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