The Chief learning officer and founder of CityTop schools, Mr Daniel Taiwo has hinted that the school will go international in the next 5 years.

Taiwo, while unveiling the next 5 year plan of the school, on the occasion of their 5th anniversary ceremony, disclosed to EDUCARE NEWS reporters that arrangement are already in top gear to place the school in the global map of education.

The outspoken school administrator in his word, said, “We are going international, some of our students work we will put them together to showcase them so the world can see, and hopefully they can get the kind of attention they deserve.

We want to go out there to be at the Centre of the world, let them know that the children we have here in Nigeria are doing great things, it is not about the location we are now, it is about the great work that is coming out from here, and the children are doing wonderful things, we want the children to really push out their ideas, for us it is to go global by positioning the students internationally, that is the next target, the next 5 years we are looking at going international, by projecting what the students are learning.”

The educational savvy administrator further reiterated on the need to project and sustains CityTop’s academic excellence at the international stage.

“one of the things we want to achieve is to go international for the next 5 years, international competitions and programmes is the focuse, in the last 5 years we have been awarded the best primary school in Alimosho Local Government twice, so we feel we have to go international to expose our children to international competitions and programmes.”

Taiwo, who is enthusiastic and optimistic about the future of CityTop and her pupils, has set a 5 year road map that will take the school to another level.

“We have discretion of what our students will be in the next 5 years. We have five major discretion of what CITY TOP students will be in the next 5 years.

We are built in a way where we dare things, we want to be one of the leading schools, not just in Lagos or Nigeria, as it is now a lot of schools are picking on what we do, so we  try to do thing that other schools can emulate, we like to pioneer things, do things and dare it.

Our school is one of the few schools that started coding, and gave it the publicity, you can do a check, and how many coding did you hear before 2018? And how many are can you hear now? That is what we are for, we have achieve our aim with coding, we have a vision for technology in our school, we want to be technology driven, we need our students to be relevant, we cannot put technology aside, our focuse is to ensure our students have that technological foundation which is our goal at CityTop schools, In the next 5 years we would be heard globally.”

It would be recalled that CityTop schools, which is fast carving a niche in the educational sector, recently celebrated her 5th year anniversary amid pomp and pageantry, in a colourful ceremony that saw the school providing food palliative to 50 families in the community.

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