FRES Foundation CEO Advocates for Increased Education Funding

 FRES Foundation CEO Advocates for Increased Education Funding

By AmforGod J. Olisa

The Chief Executive Officer of the Fundamental Right to Education Support (FRES) Foundation, Michael Kayode Ojo, has called for increased funding for children’s education and improved government intervention in infrastructure development, particularly the establishment of well-equipped libraries in conducive learning environments.

Ojo made this appeal during the Children’s Day Event and Award Celebration held on May 27 in Lagos. The event, which celebrated educational excellence, featured over 100 pupils from ten private schools competing in indoor games, talk shows, talent hunts, and award presentations.

In his address, Ojo emphasized the importance of supporting children’s education. “Today, we are celebrating the children. This event is part of our activities to promote excellence in education among children, aimed at encouraging them. This is the third edition of the event,” he said.

He highlighted the FRES Foundation’s initiatives, including an essay competition that involved both private and public schools across Lagos State’s 57 local government areas. “We identified poor parenting as a major factor affecting quality education. We have been engaging parents on how they can better support their children’s education,” Ojo noted.

He praised the efforts of the Lagos State government in the education sector while urging other states to follow suit. “The government needs to invest more in infrastructure and funding for education. Schools need well-equipped libraries and conducive learning environments. Many private schools lack capacity to provide these, and this is where the government should step in,” he added.

Pastor Babatunde Smith, the programm facilitator, described the event as an education center award for children, emphasizing the need for parents to invest in their children’s education. “It is an investment in the education of the children. Parents should consider opening accounts to fund their children’s education,” he said.

Miss Sarah Akerele of the Treasure Kids Foundation, a co-sponsor of the event, stressed the importance of rewarding parental excellence and raising awareness about the educational needs of special children. “The Treasure Kids Foundation focuses on children with congenital disorders. We create awareness, provide education, and advocate for their needs,” she explained.

Akerele highlighted the unique challenges faced by special needs children in accessing adequate education. “Special education is different from conventional education. It’s not easy for special children to get the education they need, and our foundation aims to bridge this gap,” she said.

The event concluded with the presentation of cash gifts, certificates of participation, and educational materials to participating schools and pupils in both primary and secondary categories, as well as to some deserving parents.

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