ISCG Benin University Set Up a Study Center in Lagos

Nigerian tertiary education standard is worrisome, so are the graduates the institutions churn out, yet there is growing army of admission seekers  whose desire for higher education remains largely unmet

Out of 1.9m candidates who sat for JAMB Examination annually, only about half a million could be admitted. The appetite for higher education in the world’s most populous black nation, Nigeria, is huge, but existing infrastructure, policies and political realities are becoming obstacles for the hundreds of thousands of the country’s youths.

It seems easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for secondary school leavers to gain admission into Nigeria’s higher institution.

Because of the preference for university education, pressure is put on the nation’s public and private universities- prompting an admission crisis with atleast 70 per cent of those seeking admission unable to realize their dreams.

In a bid to recalibrate the educational system and to ease the challenges Nigeria students undergo in an attempt to secure admission into higher institutions, INSTITUT SUPERIEUR DE COMMUNICATION ET DE GESTION (ISCG), which is situated in Benin Republic, is setting up its study center in Nigeria which would avail students the opportunity to gain admission into the institution without necessarily writing JAMB examaminations.

This was made known to EDUCARE NEWS, by the registrar of the university, Engineer Aham Uche who spoke to us in an exclusive interview where he disclosed the concept behind the establishment of ISCG and how it will impact on Nigerian students.

“in our world today, it is not easy for students to gain admission into higher institution, our structure globally does not even meet the intake of the market of young people trying to gain admission into external university without wasting a year at home, ISCG has come to breach that gap and also to give students quality education at an affordable discounted cost.”

ISCG together with its partners have already concluded plans and arrangement for the study center in Nigeria, and setting up a befitting structure, in a serene environment with state of the art facilities is paramount

“with our partners, discussion is already at an advance stage, by the time we finish our agreement with them, we are going to have one of the best study center in Nigeria with a very good study environment and good facilities.”

Mr Aham further explained that ISCG is bringing a great incentive for students who will enroll in the institution especially as it concern going for NYSC( National Youth Service Corp) at the end of their programme.

“one good thing about ISCG is that we will mobilize students for NYSC in Nigeria, we are one hundred percent sure that any student who pass through the university from lagos state to the main campus in Benin Republic is sure of serving in his/ her fatherland in Nigeria, we have been doing that, and we will continue to do that.”

The registrar also gave assurance to students on the smooth running of the school which would be devoid of strikes, but quality lecturers, conducive learning environment, building great enterpreneural spirit in  students, and the integration of French language in its curriculum.

“any student who enroll in our university should be assured that there would be no strike, that is guarantee, they will have a very conducive environment for learning with good interactive sessions with our lecturers, also apart from their courses, they will be trained in entrepreneur jobs, our students will also be trained in French language which is a global language.”

The Enugu born educationist, also affirmed that students who graduate from ISCG would not wallow in the un-employment market.

“with the organizations and bodies we are working with, getting a job with our certificate in Nigeria and globally will be easier because we are working with bodies that can give them jobs easily.”

ISCG, for the past 8years, has been operating in Benin Republic, with an admission requirement of an o’level result, with a minimum of 5 credits, its courses cut across various faculties- Applied sciences, Management, Arts, Business, etc.

“ISCG will be one of the best university in Nigeria in solving the labour market challenges, not only in Nigeria, but Africa as a whole, we are going to be working tirelessly with the best brain, we have to make sure we get to that level we desire.”  Engineer Aham concluded.




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