When it comes to a child’s education, most parents go above and beyond to give their children quality education. A child’s early education goes a long way to determine the quality of life the child will have in the future, thus parents give all they can to ensure quality education for their children.
Well we can’t talk of quality education without considering the Schools that give out this education to the kids. When it comes to quality education and these schools, there are a lot of things to consider, things such as school environment, learning facilities, quality of teachers, extracurricular activities; because well schooling alone does not make up for a quality education, and a host of other things to consider.

There are quite a number of schools with such great quality and educational foundation, and one of such school is PREMIERE ACADEMY LUGBE, ABUJA.

PREMIERE ACADEMY was founded in the year 2005 with just 4 students. The Academy has distinguished itself as a notable, top-rated, co-educational, and technology-driven boarding school in Nigeria. The notable school strives to instill in its students, core values such as effective communication, a world-class citizen, an independent learner, a critical thinker, an ethical individual, with the goal to grow the school to International Standard.

Throughout its 15 years of excellent existence, PREMIERE ACADEMY has garnered a track record of academic success and achievement which have considerably set them up as the best in their field, these successes and achievements includes but not limited to:

  • Consistently recording over 70% distinction grades across all the subjects in WAEC examinations for the past five years.
  • Being ranked 15th position among all colleges in Nigeria, and 2nd position in the FCT.
  • Over 25% of PREMIERE ACADEMY students receive scholarships every year into foreign Universities in the U.S, Canada, German, France, and Australia.
  • PREMIERE ACADEMY alumni are excelling academically in different universities across the globe at a great scale, to the extent that various Universities are now seeking partnerships with the school in student referral for university admission.
  • Incumbent champions at NISSMUN (Nigeria Secondary Schools Model for United Nations) have maintained our unbeaten record for the past four years.
  • Emerging as the third best school in NECO examinations in 2014, with the student ranking third in SSCE NECO Examinations; also emerged first in Chemistry and second in physics at Olympiad of Mathematics & Sciences at the national level.
  • Adding more feathers to their cap, they produced one of the best students in WAEC examination, 17 years old, miss Sylvia Ulan Andrew, who scored a parallel 9A’s in the 2020 WASSCE.

The distinguished academy is not just about education, they are also about extracurricular activities such as football, exposure to tech related trainings, arts and painting.

The school has being lauded severally for being one of the schools with the best football academy for students whose interest is football. They also exposed their students to world of AI and Robotics.

It’s safe to say that PREMIERE ACADEMY knows that education is all encompassing and must touch every aspect of life, be it physical, emotional or socially, as well as align itself with the technologies of the future in order to remain relevant.


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