Public Opinion on Government Versus Private Owned Schools.

Compiled by Abiola Ajala and Adaeze Onuorah.

The unvoiced disagreement between private and government-owned schools has lingered far too long. Though, the weight seems to tip favorably to the side of the private school schools, given that they bridge the gap caused by the federal government’s inadequacy and neglect of the educational sector.

Government-owned schools are in constant neglect and in shambles, dilapidated buildings, and lack of quality education, poor learning facilities, and lots of other issues.

However, some people argue in favor of Government-owned schools, stating that government-owned schools have the most qualified teachers.

In a bid to get public opinion on preference between public and private-owned schools, the EDUCARENEWS crew conducted a VOX POP online, and it’s amazing what people have to say…


  • Mr. Junaid > Maybe if we still had the kind of education, we grew up to know yes but for now, I would not take such a risk concerning my children
  • Mr. Agboola> For the sake of the children and the future, the need for good affordable schools cannot be over-emphasized, we anxiously wait for the wonderful Nigeria where we can boast of government schools being the best.
  • Damilola Akinyele> Primary government school is a no for me because children need a good start which only our good private schools can provide, government schools don’t have basic amenities and laid down procedures to help a child learn but maybe I can allow a secondary school because my children would be able to cope since they already had a good educational background.
  • Bamah Angel>  Anyone that God leads me to but believes me some government schools are far better than private school, am a private school teacher, forget the big names attached to the private schools, most of them can’t pay good teachers, their curriculum is too cumbersome and bulky at the end of the day the child cannot cope because they’re overworking the child’s brain.
  • Promise Uzor> The government schools is better because they have qualified teachers, unlike the private schools.
  • Oliobi Eucharia> Private at nursery and primary but they can attend government schools when they get to secondary school because government school teachers are the most qualified and the most experienced, the teachers who took my children English and biology are Ph.D. holders while physics a master degree holder in fact I was highly impressed which you can hardly find such in private schools.
  • Oseni Odutayo > we only put our children in school by faith and hope they turn out well in the end.
  • Otono Precious> Private school all the way the incompetency of government schools this day is very disgusting to me.
  • Ndyuka Kate > Government schools have qualified and experienced teachers more than private schools their problem is lack of supervision because it’s believed to be a no man’s business but most private schools based on their ability to pay them with strict and adequate supervision.
  • Taye Ola > There is cultist in government secondary schools, lots of immoralities in government secondary schools, most of them come out becoming touts and nuisance in their environment, they influence each other, when the government finds a solution to this problem then I will allow my children go to a public secondary school, but their elementary will be private so help me God.
  • TenderloverOnyiye> If God gives me money I will like my kids to attend private in primary to acquire a good foundation and federal secondary school as long as I have the money, federal schools are still the best though expensive.
  • Value Nkem Comelius> Nursery to primary I would prefer private schools while they can move to government schools in secondary.
  • Sochi Oti Nkwuaku> Private in nursery and primary school, because they give in their best, while I would like a government school in secondary reasons being that government teachers are still the most qualified.

It’s no surprise that irrespective of the ills of the government-owned school, most parents still prefer to send their kids to public schools and their reasons are totally not unfounded.

Though the public education sector is currently in ruins, we hope that one day it will rise up to standard, regain its former glory, and become the great institution that educated our heroes past.




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