Government over the years has failed to place a high premium on the teaching profession, it is a well-known fact the welfare of teachers is poor and their take-home package cannot take them home.

This total neglect of teachers and their welfare would put them into ‘economic distress’ which will force them to compromise and the effect is the poor quality of graduates that are produced.

Where most government officials dig their hand into the ‘cookie jar’ to enrich themselves, the fate of the Nigerian teacher is ‘hanging in the balance’ as the next meal is not guarantee.

The teaching profession in any civilized country should be one to be reckoned with, but the reverse is the case in Nigeria as most teachers in the public and private sector are underpaid and suffer a lot of untold hardship.

Basic needs, family responsibilities

The implication of this would soon meet us in the ‘eye’ if urgent steps are not taken to correct this anomaly.

For all the hard work dedication and sacrifice in producing Nigeria’s future leaders, it is time for the reward of teachers to be right here on earth, so they can reap the reward of their hard labor.

The government, school owners, and all stakeholders should place top priority on the welfare and well-being of the Nigerian teachers, so they can perform at an optimal level and secure the future of our children and society at large by imparting quality education.



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