Quality Meets Discipline, and Integrity at Access International School.


Where Quality, Discipline, and Integrity Stands

Do you want your child to be imparted with quality education? Do you want your child to be instilled with discipline that will lead him/her to achieve future desires in life? Or do you want your child to pass through a school with a high level of integrity?

If your answers to any of these questions are YES! Then ACCESS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS is where you want your child to be.

Access International School Vast Play Field

The man, who has ensured all the above mentioned is an integral part of ACCESS SCHOOLS is the owner and founder of the school  Dr. Jonathan Akpan, who hails from Akwa Ibom State.

Below are the cardinal points of this great citadel of learning; ACCESS INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS.


ACCESS SCHOOLS does not just teach, but we take a step further to impart knowledge to our students. First, we train ourselves before we impart on others, we read wide with a purpose to teach ‘outside the box.

It is on this framework our foundation is built towards the 31st-century education, and teachers under our stables are committed with passion and empathy to be in line with our focus and dreams, and also with GREAT TECHNIQUE of how to impart.

We are proud to say we have TEACHERS and not CHEATERS.


Most of our facilities are model to fit into the 31st-century education, from our computer lab, science laboratory, library, etc are all installed with modern-day equipment. All geared towards achieving the 31st-century education for our students.

Classroom Block at Access InternationalSchool
Biology Practical Specimen


Since we started operation in 2004, we have achieved several successes at ACCESS SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL. We are locally global.

Our students are making exploit globally, we have produced captains of industry, doctors, and first-class law students, and as a school, we have won several international awards.

Laboratory Room


Our uniqueness as a school stands on a ‘three-leg foot stool’ of QUALITY, DISCIPLINE, and INTEGRITY. We do not compromise these attributes.


It is for these reasons that our ‘products’ are able to compete favorably with their contemporaries globally. We do not produce ‘half baked, we produced quality students that can stand the test of time.







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