Anchor University made history on Friday 9th, July 2021 when she graduated her ‘first fruit’ set of graduates in a colourful ceremony held at the University Hall.

The epoch-making event saw dignitaries from all works of life graced the occasion as friends, well-wishers, partners, families and top government functionaries congregated to witness the maiden convocation ceremony of the university.

The  Convocation programme, began on Thursday 8th, July 2021, and climaxed on Sunday with a special convocation service  held at the Deeper Life Bible Church Headquarters, in Gbagada Lagos.

The Convocation lecture was held at the university’s Multi-Purpose hall, with a speech delivered by distinguished Professor Peter . A. Okebukola, on the topic ‘Re-engineering the youths for Leadership imperatives and National Development.’

Professor Okebukola, in his opening remarks, gave thanks to the management of Anchor University, for giving him the honour to deliver the maiden convocation lecture of the university.

He said “one of the greatest honours I have received in recent times is to be asked to give the maiden convocation lecture of Anchor University. I am deeply grateful to the Senate, Council, Board of Trustees and the Proprietor for the honour.

The maiden convocation is significant in a number of respects. It is a significant part of the end of the first graduation cycle of an institution.”

The erudite educationist in his speech highlighted ‘Youth and National Development’ and how the youth, must of necessity succeed the old.

“By the natural order of things, the young must of necessity succeed the old, it is an invariant cycle. Whether the old ones like it or not and want to stay

perpetually in power like a number of African leaders, someday, they must have to leave since they cannot live forever. When they leave, the youths will step into their shoes.”

The distinguished Professor of Science and Computer education touched on the need of those in leadership position to take responsibility and lead by example.

“Leadership has a broader meaning to include the role of any person who is elected or appointed to lead an assembly of people.

Leaders should lead by example and with the fear of God. Now that the exact opposite is playing out, that is bad examples are given by the leaders to the youth, a national orientation is urgently needed and more importantly to pray to God to heal the land.”

Professor Okebukola, also called on ‘all and sundry’ to see the family as the bedrock of the society.

“a menace that is affecting our nation is how casually we see the family as a training ground for developing value-oriented leaders. We should understand that the family is the bedrock of our society, and it is only strong families that can build strong communities which in turn can build a strong Nigeria. It is in the family that our young people must first learn moral and spiritual values which give meaning to their lives. Parents and guardians cannot expect schools to take over their primary responsibility for moulding their children to be better persons and God-fearing leaders. It is sad that many parents have neglected their roles, and are adding to the challenge by indirectly teaching their children to become worse than they are.”

The amiable Professor, who delivered the lecture with a great sense of humour spared a thought on religious institutions.

“Our religious institutions are not only for developing our young people spiritually, there is need to also focus on developing them for leadership. There is no better institution to trigger a revival of values in our young people than the church. The church should encourage young people to harness all their God-given talents to contribute their quota towards national development and move the nation out of the current economic challenges. The church must create platforms for youth engagement. We are grateful for the Deeper Life Bible Church’s 2020 conference where young people were encouraged to emerge beyond the current challenges and live beyond overwhelming societal, economic, cultural and generational limitations. More of such events are urgently needed by our religious institutions especially our churches.”

Professor Okebukola, who has been involved in popularizing Science in Africa since 1986, emphasized the pivotal role of the media, if we are to build a healthy society.

“The media plays an important role in building a healthy society as it not only moulds public opinion, but helps in creating and framing it. If the media plays a constructive and creative role, the pace of national development will quicken. The Nigerian media should realise that it is the national responsibility of strengthening the foundations of valued-based society. The media should inculcate in our young people who are leaders of tomorrow the right values by condemning negativity, violence, and intolerance.” he stressed.

He concluded by congratulating the graduating students, saying they would no longer be referred as graduands but as graduates when their degree is conferred on them by the Chancellor.

“I wish to extend my congratulations to students who will be graduating. During the course of the ceremony when the Chancellor confers the degree on you, you are no longer referred to as graduands but graduate, you are then eligible to turn your tassel of your mortarboard (your cap) from the right to the left. as you turn your tassel, God will turn you in a direction for a glorious future. You will be leaders in Nigeria, Africa and the world.”


On the 9th July, 2021, Anchor University etched her name in history when it held the maiden convocation of the institution at the University Hall.

In what was an electrifying atmosphere, filled with fanfare, frills, thrills and excitement, graduands, families, friends and guest all seated to witness the historic making event.

The university graduated 63 students in the 2019/ 2020 academic session, of the number, 23 graduated with first Class Honours (Upper Division), 27 got Second Class Honours (Upper Division), while 13 graduated with Second Class Honours.

The high point of the event was the emergence of 19-year-old Mary Enakireru as the best graduating student with a Cumulative Point Grade Average (CPGA) of 3.95.

The Vice-Chancellor of the university, Prof. Joseph Afolayan, while addressing the audience said:

“The world needs credible leaders, technocrats, professionals and academics, who are driven with the love and fear of God.

“Go and answer the call. Go out, my dear pioneers, and thrive on the powerful wings of the Almighty.”

The vice-chancellor noted that the corporate world had challenges including the temptation to compromise standards.  “Remember you have been loaned to the Almighty God,” he said.

Afolayan emphasized that Anchor University started with a desire to become one of the leading universities in Nigeria.

” We have worked tirelessly to ensure that our students from different backgrounds and cultures align with the vision of our founding fathers.

“Along the line, we faced the challenge of upgrading and securing our facilities to ensure that we compete globally.

“By the grace of God, the institution has continued to defy the challenges, as every challenge we encountered has been a stepping stone to greater accomplishments,” he said.

Pro-Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Silas Dada, said that the desire to raise godly, conscientious and disciplined youths and professionals to check the downward slide of values in Nigeria and globally, informed the establishment of the institution.

Dada urged the pioneer graduands not to forget their alma mater.

“To the parents of the graduands, your job is almost done but not just yet. ” These young adults are being sent into a new terrain and are coming into a new stage of their lives. “For the management of the institution, now is the time to start building more networks and students relations beyond the walls of the university,” he said.

Pastor Philip Oluwi, Chairman, Board of Trustees of the university, said that the vision of Anchor University was clear and its mandate unambiguous.

Oluwi said that the mandate was to train minds and transform them into new human beings that would not only become relevant to the society but be ambassadors of Jesus Christ.

“We are confident that these brilliant graduates being released today will go out to the larger society to shine brightly in the communities, workplaces at both national and global spaces,” he said.

On his part, the founder and Chancellor of Anchor University, Pastor (Dr.) William Folorunsho Kumuyi, while delivering his speech, congratulated the ‘first fruits’ graduates of the institution, and charged them to keep following the mandate of the university.

“I would love to begin by congratulating our pioneer students and, of course, their parents. This is an important day in your lives; we are all happy and celebrate with you. These graduands are the very first fruits of this citadel of learning and will, after now, be charged with the enviable duty of opening the Anchor University’s Alumni Association.

You will remember that at the inception of Anchor University, Lagos, Our Vision, Core values and mission where clearly stated:

While we are sending the first fruits out to go and lift the banner of our core values high for the world to see, I need to challenge our undergraduate students and the staff to keep following the mandate of Anchor University.

I cannot but also congratulate the management of Anchor University on this milestone.

I am convinced that this is the beginning of many great and record-breaking milestone ahead in Jesus’ name.”

Pastor (Dr.) Kumuyi, who is the General Superintendent of the Deeper Christian Life Ministry said he was impressed with the successes by the University in four years.

“I am impressed with the modern successes achieved by the University in Just four years. I have received reports and updates from the Vice-Chancellor, and I must openly appreciate his efforts, those of his management team, senate and other members of the University’s communities.

But then, I am also aware that many of the successes so far would not have been possible without the support of the university’s Board of Trustees and council, Consequently, I also wish to sincerely appreciate the efforts of the Chairman, Board of Trustees and the PRO-Chancellor/Chairman of Council

But we still need to open our eyes to the greater need ahead and to change the staff of Anchor to bring in more innovations.

He further stressed on the need for parents, the Church and government to play a vital role if the future of Anchor is to be attain.  “Needless to say, that there is a future for Anchor for which we must focus and keep striving to attain. If this must be, both parents, the Church and the government have a role to play.”

While I congratulate the parents of our graduands, need to encourage the  parents of our current students to stand up to their roles in working with Anchor to raise academically sound and spiritually vibrant for the future. Lastly, I appreciate the support of our many partners in the church, cooperate world, supervisory bodies and individuals. May God reward your labour of love. I cannot end without thanking the government again, at all levels, for promoting the environment that allows private institutions like Anchor university to thrive. May God Continue to prosper your works and bless your efforts in Jesus’ name.”

Pastor Kumuyi, the visioner of the divine project Anchor concluded by giving thanks to friends, businesses, partners and well-wishers.  “Ladies and gentlemen, I am grateful to have you all here today. I thank all of our friends from other universities and businesses, partners and well-wishers here today. here is my final farewell to you: “Beloved, wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.”

Anchor University is a private university owned by the Deeper Life Christian Life Ministry, the University was founded in 2014, but was approved by the Nigeria University Commission (NUC) on Wednesday 2, November 2016. The university is located at Ayobo Ipaja, Lagos state, southwestern Nigeria.


These are some of the students of Anchor University who graduated with First Class Honours, and were the best in their various departments.

Below are the marble words from the GREAT ambassadors of ANCHOR ENAKIRERU ERHUMOGHENE MARY

(First class honours, microbiology department and overall best graduating student)


First of all, God is the secret of my success, without him, I wouldn’t even been alive. Second, I have this optimistic attitude that even when things seems difficult ,I always push myself, I must have an  ‘A’, I have this positive mind-set, and always encourage myself. I also advice student to give it a little push.


Right now, I have my BSC in Microbiology, I would like to do my masters outside Nigeria, Subsequently, following it up with my PhD. That’s my aspirations.


( First Class Honours. Mathematics Dept. best graduating student)


It’s been good, fair enough, even though it’s been ups and down.


I am furthering my studies, hoping to be a professor someday.


Aspire, you get what you desire.


( First class honors .computer science and best graduating student)


Today is   an amazing day, very memorable, didn’t expect a lot of things .but Anchor will not disappoint us. Lots of surprises, blessings and prayers from our Chancellor is very endowing.


My aim is to put the name of Anchor university name at the top, make them proud. As a computer scientist am making to develop technologies that can help the university, the country and the world at large.


They should not relent, always believe in themselves even when the going gets tough. They only have to make themselves tougher.


Anchor University Assistant Registrar on Strategy and Communications, Sanusi Okeshola, immediately after the successful convocation ceremony, spoke to EDUCARE NEWS reporter, and bares is mind on the plans and direction of the university to revolutionise Nigeria’s education system.

He said: “our focus to raise young graduates that will be able to revolutionise the way the industry is managed. Anchor university focus on competence, character and courage.  So the direction has always been the same to raise intellectuals that are godly, and are willing to go outside and show godliness and competence, so the focus is not changing, it’s still the same.”  The media friendly administrator, also gave words of assurance to prospective candidates, and parents  who will want to their children to be part of the Anchor family.

“Anchor University is owned by Deeper Spiritual life Ministry, if you are familiar with Deeper life Ministry. Everything they are doing they have to do it very well, unless they don’t want to do it. All of their secondary schools their quality is sustained over the years. Anchor university focus is to become one of the leading universities within the first decades of its starting.

As you can see today, the vice-chancellor said every Anchor university student has an approved results from the university, they should be able to defend their result.

They are raised to be global players; they are also raised to be able to sustain that discipline and holiness teaching that was given to them.

So, for parents, Anchor University has not even started. In the next few years, they are going to be a lot of transformations, a lot of impacts, both in our country here and globally. We are hoping that as many that believe in the kind of training that does not just involve the intellectuals but involve the mind and the spirit persons and make a total man. They can be confident that Anchor University will deliver all of these.”

The amiable administrator gave his parting words to the Pioneer graduates of Anchor University. “Let them go out there and show what they have made of, so the world can see what we at Anchor have imparted in them.”

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