Education Minister And The Fear of Students Safety for WASSCE

I give kudos to the Minister of Education, Adamu Adamu, in his obvious effort to save over 15,000,000(Fifteen million) Nigerian candidates from contracting the Coronavirus by continuing hanging their hopes which might be mourned in the Parliament during matters arising.

With the Honourable Minister’s level of Education, exposure and leadership roles in this country, one would have thought that he would come up with a much better idea than that of an indefinite postponement of WASSCE 2020.

If that happens, posterity will find it unfair to forgive him, if it is a calculated attempt to make a name for himself, indeed it is a cheap one.

It is unfortunate that at a time like this, such unfair decision could come from a reputable icon. He boldly said without blinking an eye that, “Who is WAEC to dictate for Nigeria”. My question to him is; was ‘Hope’ drunk when Nigeria as a country decided to join WAEC as a body?

The Minister’s continue prevarication on reopening of schools and writing of WASSCE has prompted millions of Nigerians to doubt if Adamu’s offspring lives in the shores of Nigeria. This is because, as a father, it is expected of him not to be comfortable seeing his children groan in pains of not going to school for three months, the minister, should know by now that boredom, lack of interest and anti-social vices, are beginning to occupy the minds of the over 15,000,000 deprived candidates.

To let the ministry of Education know how low their scorecard has been in the eyes of Nigerians, it is in the case of Ondo State, where aspirants are jostling for votes that would take them to political power, when the aggrieved rank and file in the society demanded to know how the election would be conducted, it was said that the electorate would wear face mask and go to the poll, but the Education Ministry could not put a strong case to the Government to present pupils in SS3 classes the opportunity to Participate in WASSCE.

If that is the case, will it be a bad idea if the minister suggests to President Buhari that the government of both Federal and State levels should fumigate all schools? provide infrastructure and all that will be required for the safety of both students and teachers?

Permit me to say that, it is not a curse to be a Nigerian, schools have commenced in other parts of the world, and there is now a dichotomy of interest in education because of personal and selfish interest.

Our humble plea is for you to reverse your decision and allow our SS3 Student partake in WASSCE effective September 5, 2020, as the new date.

God bless you, as you give a second thought to this.                                                                                                Written by:

Lordbethels Thompson

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