The former president of the National Association of Proprietors of Private Schools (NAPPS) Lagos branch, Dr Wasiu Olaitan Adumadeyin has called on the government to intensify security measures in schools across the country if kidnapping of school children will be a thing of the past.

Adumadeyin in an exclusive interview with EDUCARE NEWS stated that it is ‘unfortunate’ that this dangerous trend is threatening the education system in Nigeria.

  “Its unfortunate this is happening, especially in this century, where some conservative people will now think the way to make money is to go and adopt innocent school children, even during the civil war, women and children are exempted from harm.

If it is this category of people that we believe are fragile and should be taken care of but are now target for this evil minded people then it is unfortunate. But then it is happening, that is the reality, we just have to face it and find a lasting solution.”

The erstwhile NAPPS boss, who is also the founder and chairman of Was-lat schools, also urged government to improve on its security apparatus in order to curb this growing trend.

“The government has a lot to do on this and it is the responsibility of the government to provide maximum security for the citizen, and since the evil ones are now targeting the children, then the machinery of security of government should be directed towards those areas.

The government should make it difficult for them, by focusing its intelligent attention, getting these people and attacking them before they attack.

Security should be the function of everybody, CCTV Camera should be a thing of importance now, it should be a standard if we want to checkmate this dangerous trend.

Also, armed security guard should be in schools, and the government can support by providing arm security personnel to secure schools in the country.

On plans to scrap the National Youth Service Corp (NYSC) scheme, due to the security challenges in the country NYSC, Adumadeyin, a veteran educationist gave his suggestion, “when it comes to security of life, it supersedes every other thing, if the life and property of the Corp members are not secure where they are serving their fatherland, then the best option is to suspend the NYSC programme and deal with the situation, the life of our children should not be put at risk.”

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